Comment from Adriana Guevara, mother of three children:

Excellent institution, in addition to the excellent education, children learn values, learn about the importance of recycling and different languages. The teachers are excellent, they have that charisma to teach and educate in a unique way 👍🏼 Of all the institutions is definitely the BEST! (April 17th, 2019)


Emma Clark, ex-volunteer of the Sámara Pacific School:

I had the pleasure of spending nine weeks volunteering at Samara Pacific School. The teachers are compassionate and have a true passion for teaching and working with children. Additionally, the school has an incredible focus on arts and the environment that many schools in the United States and around the world lack. Not only is the curriculum high caliber, but the children also have the opportunity to learn in both English and Spanish as well as study French, providing a truly amazing bilingual experience. The families, students, and school in general are very welcoming and together form a close community. I highly recommend this school not only to locals and Spanish-speaking families but also to expats and visitors from around the world. I believe the school provides the most authentic and well-rounded primary education in Samara. I will never forget the time I spent at Samara Pacific School and will miss the students, families, and staff greatly. (March 2018)


What does an ex-mom say about the school?

I am Laura Rebeschini, Sharik’s mother who was fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of two years of academic quality at the Samara Pacific School and I am very
grateful for all that you have taught my daughter. Unfortunately, because of bureaucratic delays with accreditation we had to move to a public school to finish the sixth grade with a recognized title. Moving to public school, we realized the high level of education of the Samara Pacific School and the enormous difference between this institution and most other institutions (including private institutions in Nicoya where Sharik studied in the Past). For all this, we want to thank the Samara Pacific School very much for everything it has given us and nothing else I can say: Send your child to the Samara Pacific School! It’s an excellent educational center. We wish them to continue each day better and with more students. (June 2014) (Comment from the school: by now the school has received accreditation)

Laura Rebeschini


The school’s Plastic Bottle Art – featured in Sandy-Shorts (by Lavae Aldrich)

To beautify our pueblo and to bring attention to the issue, Samara Pacific School has mounted trees throughout Playa Samara made of plastic bottles.  The multi-cultural, multi-lingual children, ages 2-6 1/2 made these flowers in their art class.

Thies Family Adventure in Samara Beach

We visited a school called Samara Pacific and decided it looked good. They do half of the day in English and half in Spanish. This is helpful because it means the kids there DO speak some English. (…) So far, I have learned about 200 new Spanish words.  Sadly, I can only remember about fifty of them. Still, I am learning.

Aside from Spanish we do art, social studies, and science. There isn’t any math though, because that is taught in the morning.  My favorite class is art. So far in art we painted a still life of a guava, a tomato, and some crackers. Then we made a picture frame by taking a square of cardboard and painting it. (…)  In social studies class we are learning about el Hemisferio Norte y el Hemisferio Sur y los lines de parrallelos y los lines de los meridianos. (…) In science we are learning about plants and animals and what they do.  My first project was to draw a landscape of an ecosystem and label and describe the parts of the picture in Spanish.


I am so glad that I decided to go to Samara Pacific School.  It has been a great experience. And now I’ve got some great friends!

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