In our elementary school, we provide our students with opportunities to explore their interests and foster their independence by challenging them to work towards their potential academically, emotionally, socially and physically. We also provide our students with a rich English experience so they achieve fluency in all areas: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Our classroom activities are dynamic, offering stimuli and challenges that allow the development of the students’ intelligence and creativity. The students have concrete experiences through experiments that use elements of the environment and at the same time enhance the students’ consciousness about global ecology.

Arts play a huge role in daily activities and throughout the year students participate in dances, write graphic novels, make masks, paint, draw, and much more.

The students are emotionally challenged by role-playing problematic situations and are better prepared for everyday conflicts and become emotionally more stable.

In social studies areas (history, geography and civics) activities promote the ability of critically analyzing and reflecting about the information given, so that the student understands each of the concepts and might then place it within the framework that represents his/her immediate reality. As a consequence, participation and research play an important role for the development of the classes.

To enhance understanding and retention of new learning, the various subjects are taught in an integrated manner whenever possible. Integrated instruction enables students to see connections among the disciplines, and connections between schoolwork and real-life.

1st – 6th Grade Subject Areas

The core subjects in the first six years of Primary School are Spanish, English (the four skills in both languages: reading, writing, speaking and listening), Mathematics, Social Studies (geography, history, biographies of remarkable people), Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Environmental Studies, Physical Education, Art, Music and Ethics/Emotional Intelligence. A third language, such as French or German is also part of our students’ education.

Subsequently an example of a weekly lesson plan: