Many people and companies, not only from Samara, also from abroad, have helped us in different ways. Some have sponsored a scholarship for children from low-income families so that they can participate in our school program. Others have donated financial resources, material and their time to support our project.

We thank all of them for their commitment and support!

2008 – 2018

  • Christy and Jamie with their volunteers from EDventure International
  • Jill and Russ Bennett have helped us not only as individuals, but also through their Massage Center.
  • Laura Ellington, director of the Sámara Language School – Centro Intercultura
  • Eric Faulkner, an English gentleman who now lives in the community of Sámara.
  • Heinrich Neukirch, retired teacher, principal and father of the founder of the school.
  • Ghislain and Lynne St-Pierre from Construcción St. Pierre helped by building tables and sponsoring quite a few chairs.
  • Eric Faulkner, an English gentleman who now lives in the community of Sámara.
  • Hania and Rick who bought some property in Sámara and come to Costa Rica every year.
  • Tyrone Jackson, father and owner of the company Graphic Jam S.A.
  • Cinzia Filippini and Fiorenzo Tod from Carrillo who have a little “bed and breakfast”.
  • Michaela and Manfred from the Hotel Belvedere
  • Michel La France and Cinthya Suárez, parents of one of our students and owners of the Hotel Rancharlo.
  • Century 21 of Sámara.
  • Chris and Janice from the Tico Adventure Lodge.
  • Giorgia and Gianmario from the Montelaguna Residence.
  • Manfred Boewe and Claudia Ching, who live in San José and who are friends of the founder’s family.
  • Francesco, who sometimes lives in Sámara.
  • Bob Tuttle, who used to work with Century 21.
  • Marie-Pat and Christian from Canada who now live in our community of Sámara.
  • Marco Demoli, constructor of Sámara.

And many other people from abroad who donated money and material. Many, many thanks to all of you!!!