Art education is a vital part of our student’ learning experience. Our school founder, Nicole Neukirch, studied arts and considers art not only to be an important part of life that embellishes our every day existence but also serves as a great vehicle to transmit knowledge.

Children usually love to paint or draw and the Samara Pacific School tries to use this liking in as many subjects as possible. Thus, art is used in math when for example the time is taught: the children make their very own clock out of cardboard and color it and then learn how to read the time. When students learn about Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America the children draw and color the continents of Europe and America, then they make three little origami boats putting the respective names on them (La Pinta, La Niña and La Santa María), and finally, they write about what people thought and believed in 1492.


It is the school’s firm belief that the more fun and creative a knowledge is transmitted, the better the child will learn and retain it.


Other artistic activities that may be included to enhance academic instruction:
The artistic activities include:

– Painting with different techniques, markers, pencils, crayons, acrylic paint, etc.
– Drawing
– Collages
– Clay work
– Mosaic work with glass, stones, shells, seed, etc.
– Paper maché
– Theater plays
– Musicals
– Body percussion
– Singing
– Learning the flute
– Sculptures
– Recycled art (using plastic bottles, old tires, cans, paper, cardboard, etc.)