Sámara Pacific School provides a well-rounded, bilingual education with a heavy focus on arts and the environment on the beach in Samara, Costa Rica. Samara Pacific School is fully accredited by the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica. Our mission is to shape our students into world citizens who are responsible, have strong academic skills, are curious, have a sense of morals who positively interact with the world that surrounds them.

Our schools starts at the preschool level and we hope to include a secondary school in accordance with IB standards  in the future.

Currently, we offer preschool and elementary classes through grade 6.

How are we different from other local schools?


  • We offer true bilingual education.  All academic material is taught using 50% Spanish and 50% English so that our students can read, write, speak and listen in both languages from an early age. Additionally French or German is offered as a third language.
  • Strong arts emphasis: music and art are woven into academic material to enhance comprehension and retention.
  • Environmental awareness flows through our curriculum.
  • Teachers offer individualized, focused support for every student.
  • Scholarship program available to local families of few resources.
  • Affordable uniforms.
  • We set a high academic standard and ensure every student has what he or she needs to achieve his or her potential!

We would love to have you visit our school! Contact us for visiting details!