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PAYMENTS: Prices are quoted and charged in US Dollars. The official “sell” exchange rate will be applied when paying in colones (local currency). Tuition fees may be paid as an annual payment in one full amount or may be paid monthly.


  • When paid annually, a 10% discount is offered.
  • If a child misses school the days not attended will not be discounted, and full payment including time missed must still be made.

REGISTRATION FEE: The registration fee is non-refundable and will be charged for each student and each new school year. The registration fee is due beginning November 23 and must be paid by the last school day in December of the preceding year. Each new student enrolling later will have to pay a registration fee. The registration fees are:


Nivel Registration fee (Nov. of the previous year until May the current school year) US$ Registration fee when enrolling between April and June US$ Registration fee when enrolling between July and September US$ Registration fee when enrolling between October and December US$
190 142 95 48
Pre-school 8:00- 15:00 240 180 120 60
Elementary 270 202 135 68


TUITION FEES: Tuition fees are calculated annually, and can be paid as such, or in 11 monthly instalments. Payments can be made by cash or check. When paid per month, fees are due during the first 7 working days of each month. The tuition fee for pre-school and elementary school include different services and are as follows:



Level Annual fee in
Annual fee in colones Monthly fee payable in 11 installments in
Monthly fee payable in 11 installments in colones*
2090 1.170.400 190 106.400
Preescolar 8:00- 15:00 2640,- 1.478.400 240 134.400
Primaria 2970,- 1.663.200 270 151.200


Tuition Fees for Pre-school: Fees cover lessons, a year book, and the supply of most materials, including paper, scissors, colouring pencils, craft materials, etc. and the morning snack. The fee does not cover student insurance, uniforms, bus service, optional excursions (unofficial), some supplies (such as files and folders, materials for exhibitions, displays, etc.), and lunch or afternoon snacks.

The pre-school morning program starts at 8:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm. The afternoon program takes only place if a minimum of 5 children take part and is from 12 am to 3 pm. During lunch hour from 12:00 to 1:00 pm the child can stay at the school (food needs to be sent or catered for) or being picked up. Classes are from Monday through Friday.

Tuition fees for Elementary school: Fees cover the lessons. The fee does not cover materials, notebooks, books, bus service, optional excursions (unofficial), extra-curricular activities, student insurance, uniforms, and snacks or lunch.

The primary schedule is 7:45 am to 2:45 pm, including a lunch “hour” of 30 minutes between 12:05 to 12:35. Snacks and lunches can be provided by a catering service or sent by parents and may be heated at the school (Microwave at disposal). Classes are held Monday through Friday.


TUITION FEE FOR DROP-INS: Students who come to the school for less than three months will have to pay a monthly tuition fee of US$ 200,- for the morning preschool program and US$ 290 For Elementary School but no registration fee. Those students who visit the school for even less time can pay on a weekly basis or an hourly basis which will be charged with 2000 colones per hour.


LATE FEES: A late fee of 5% is applied to any tuition fees paid after the first 7 work days of every month.


MORE THAN ONE CHILD PER FAMILY: After the first child enrolled, there is a discount for each new student from the same immediate family. The second child receives a discount of 25%, the third (or more) 50%.


TEXTBOOKS: For grades where textbooks are required, these will be loaned to students by the school. A deposit fee will be collected when textbooks are distributed to cover loss or damage. At the end of the school year, if the textbooks are returned in acceptable condition, the deposit will be returned to the parents or can be re-applied as their deposit for the following school year.


WORKBOOKS and NOTEBOOKS: Students may be asked to purchase locally available workbooks required for subjects mandated by the Ministry of Education. The term “Workbooks” refers to course workbooks, which are supplementary to, and supplied by, the publishers of the courses of study. Students will be asked to provide their own sketchbooks, notebooks and binders as required by individual teachers or departments.


STUDENT INSURANCE POLICY (annual): A student insurance is required. This covers the student 24 hours a day throughout 12 months for medical expenses resulting from ACCIDENTS. It is NOT a general medical policy and does not cover illnesses, ONLY ACCIDENTS. The parent or tutor will need to get an insurance policy with the INS in Nicoya at the beginning of the School year, or upon registering during the year. The fee for this insurance is graded and it is up to the parent to choose the insurance sum. The minimum fee ascends to approximately 3700 colones and covers the child for the entire year. Without this insurance the student will not be able to assist the school.


SCHOOL AND P.E. UNIFORMS: Uniforms may be purchased through the School or can be made independently (these must adhere to the Sámara Pacific School design guidelines). Please consult with the administration about prices.

If you’re ready to take the next step and enroll your student, please submit the registration form.

Registration form – English version

Contact us if you need any assistance in filling out the form!



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